Something Changed

About 13 months ago I decided to become a vegetarian, 2 months later vegan. I’ve always eaten pretty clean (except for diet Coke, marshmallows, and chocolate ice cream) but it was time for a complete dietary overhaul. Although my diet was very good, 2 times per year I would “detox”. This consisted of eating fruits, vegetables, oatmeal, brown rice, and egg whites and drinking only water and soy milk. I would follow this plan for 10 days then return to my normal diet. In that 10 day period I would typically lose from 7 to 12 pounds (I’ve never been overweight during this period) and I would feel amazing both physically and mentally.
In December of 2010 I decided that since I feel so much better during this “detox” there was no reason to go back to my normal diet which consisted of lots of chicken and fish and red meat occasionally (more during the summer-BBQ season).. It was at this point I became a vegetarian. The only animal products I was still consuming were eggs, cheese, skim milk, and yogurt. In this time I decided to eliminate all animal products and since there are non dairy options for the yogurt milk and cheese it was quite easy.
By now you can tell my reason for become vegan was purely based on health. The human body runs more efficiently on a plants based diet. Animal rights and cruelty never once entered my mind while I was making these decisions. Although I was fully aware of how these animals are treated or mistreated, I always felt whether I ate meat or not it was still going to happen, so what’s the difference. However somewhere along the way that all changed. Yes the cruelty continues but I’m no longer contributing to it.
As I continued on my vegan diet I’m slowly starting to move closer to a vegan lifestyle (yes there’s a difference, a big difference). I’m looking differently at everything I do, from picking out a pair of new sneakers to the soap I wash with. I know I can’t change the world by myself, but I can change my world and that’s a start.
I never look down upon or try to convert people to my way of living; all I can do is try to inform people (those who want the info) on the benefits of a plant based diet and of the horrific treatment and conditions these animals suffer through. Yet for some reason most people feel the need to look down upon my choice. The vegan lifestyle should be embraced, not mocked. We wouldn’t be suffering through the obesity epidemic, and lots of diseases would be minimized and or eliminated (i.e. Diabetes, heart disease, some cancers, etc) if everyone chose to eat a healthy diet. A Plant based diet..
Which brings us to the next question.
How can you eat one and hug another?

More on this later.. Stay tuned 

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