Love one Eat another

I know a lot of people who claim to be animal lovers, are against animal cruelty, and support animal rescue. This is a great thing; the problem, this strong support only seems to apply to dogs and cats. Sure dogs and cats are cute and small and you can lay and cuddle with them, but does this mean they deserve more love and protection than a bull, or a chicken, or a pig?
The answer is NO. They all deserve to be loved, protected, and most of all Respected. Just because some animals can’t be kept in your home or taken for a walk through the neighborhood doesn’t mean they’re on a lower tier in the animal world than your dog.
This little rant of mine isn’t aimed at getting the whole world vegan, I’m a realistic person. Sure it would be nice if the industry that mistreats animals beyond your worst nightmares was shut down, and punished for their actions, but that’s not in the near future, probably never. My goal here is to try and make you think a little about yourself. If you really think about it; it’s like saying you support human rights, but not for everyone (by the way I know lots of people in this category too). Everyone deserves medical care, except for someone who may have come into the country illegally. That person should be scooped up, dumped at the border and left for dead. Well it doesn’t work that way. Human rights apply to all humans regardless of the circumstance. Animal rights apply to all animals regardless of the breed.
I can go on about this for days but I think by now you got my point. If you’re going to preach, practice what you preach, and don’t be half assed about it.

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