Laughter is Contagious

Laughter is contagious. Be happy and spread joy. Unfortunately misery loves company. All good things come to an end? Maybe. If it comes to an end was it really all that good to begin with? Maybe. Can you fall out of love? If so were you ever truly in love to begin with? Maybe. Love conquers all.
I don’t really know how true any of this is, but; I do think laughter is contagious. When you see someone all out belly laugh it’s hard not to laugh along, even when you have no idea what they’re laughing at. By the same token yawning has the same effect. So does looking over your shoulder. Not sure what I’m talking about, try this experiment. Next time you’re having a conversation with someone, randomly glance over your shoulder then quickly look back, the person you’re talking with will most likely look in the same direction you did. Think I’m wrong? Try it.
Why does misery love company? If someone is unhappy with their life why do they want to spread that misery instead of trying to turn it around? Why is it people in general (not all people) find it so hard to be happy for others good fortunes, or even accept their own for that matter? How many times have you seen (heard) this, person 1- “What a day, I got a flat tire, then while changing it I broke my finger”. Person 2 (response), “Oh yeah, that’s nothing, you know what happened to me today”. So the question here is why do people feel the need to “one up” the misfortune?
And another thing music, much like beauty is in the eye (or ear) of the beholder. You don’t like the music I like, I don’t really care for a lot of the music you like. Big deal, I would never say it sucks because I don’t like it. If a song makes you feel good there’s no way it can suck. Same goes for art, I don’t get most of it, I feel I can do as good or better in a lot of cases, however it don’t suck, I just don’t understand it.
All good things come to an end? On this I disagree, well we all die so this brings an end, however that doesn’t necessarily end a good thing. Ok I guess this one depends upon individual beliefs. Once again, in the eyes of the beholder.
If you fall out of love where you ever truly in love to begin with? Hmmmm…….
What is Love?


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