Do What You Love

Ok so there was a time, not so long ago when I had a low management position with a worldwide corporation. It was a good job and I was well paid. The problem was that I hated every second of it. I would wake up every morning dreading the fact I had to go to that godforsaken place. The work itself was fine, not what I really wanted to do; but, easy enough and it kept my mind sharp. The people, well 10% of them made the remaining 90% miserable. At 35 years old I had to go on medication for high blood pressure (keep in mind my fitness level was high), but my stress level was of the charts. It was at this point I decided I had to leave that job, but I had a lot of responsibilities and couldn’t just quit.
So I starting looking around and talking to friends, this turned out to be a good thing because as it turned out one of my friends needed some help. It wasn’t exactly the field I wanted to get into to, but it was a way out of the hell I was in and it was a good career. I could work from home, set my hours, (no, not multi level marketing) and the money was actually better than I was making at the job I was at. So in a move completely out of character for me, I quit the job I had and my new career would begin that day.
The other thing I did that day was I stopped talking the blood pressure medication. 6 months later at my yearly physical my doctor took my blood pressure and it was normal. He said to me “ok so the medication is working well”, at that point I informed him I hadn’t taken the pills in 6 plus months and explained why. He didn’t think that was a good idea, but I no longer had elevated blood pressure so he really didn’t have an argument.
So back to my new career; I was happier than the previous job, but still not doing what I really wanted to do. But since I was making a good living and my own boss it wasn’t bad, and it gave me time to work on my fitness business. My new career, well it lasted about 18 months. Then the economy turned, the housing market in specific, and with that went my source of income. The good news, I could now devote all my time to what I truly loved to do, fitness and martial arts.
They say (“who are these people”, in Jerry Seinfeld voice) if you can do what you love the money will come. Fast forward to today- I’m doing what I love, I’m training people, teaching martial arts, playing in a band, and acting. All these things make me happy. I get to help people with health and fitness, and express myself through my music and acting. I’m actually doing the things I love.
Ok, now where’s all this money?
On a final thought… I like Tamari almonds, and I really need to find out how to make Green mango bubble tea, and the sauce they use on the organic kale and veg chicken at Veggie Heaven….

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