Lets Go For a Ride

I know I have a tendency to drive aggressively, however there are some people on the road who have no business being behind the steering wheel.

For starters, right now everyone is complaining about people who talk on the phone or text while driving. Sure this isn’t in the best interest of safety, but a big percentage of the people who rally against it, do it. If you want to talk on the phone use a hands free device or speaker phone. If texting is the only option, pull over. Now there’s talk of banning hands free devises as well. Why stop there? If that’s dangerous well then talking to a passenger in your car is just as dangerous. So what’s next? All cars manufactured from this point forward will be single occupancy vehicles. I know I’m over exaggerating, but it’s getting silly.

One of the things that bothers me most to see people do while driving is the dog in the lap, but I’ve never heard a rally against this practice. Driving your car with a living creature that has a mind of its own in your lap is far more dangerous than talking on a phone. Regardless of how well behaved and trained your dog may be, there is no way you can possibly guarantee its not going to move suddenly and create a hazard for you, the driver. Even the best trained most well behaved dogs can see something that will cause them move or start barking. More importantly, this is not the safest place for the dog if you have to stop short or God forbid have an accident. Would you drive with your baby in your lap? I didn’t think so. However I’m sure there are a few nuts out there that would and do.

People who don’t use turn signals are another major issue. When you’re getting ready to make a left turn and you swing all the way right then make your left turn, with a turn signal this is bad enough, now do this with no turn signal, disaster waiting to happen. Changing lanes on the highway? I have no problem letting you in just let me know you want in. It’s an effortless motion that makes the journey safer for everyone. Just hit the lever.

If you’re lost or just looking for an address or street, you really shouldn’t drive 7 mph and swerve back and forth, it’s best to pull over and figure out where you are and where you need to be, especially while there are cars behind you. This creates quite the hazard.

There are so many more things on the road that can make you crazy, but we don’t really have the time to cover them all. Driving way below the speed limit, way above it, driving slow in the left lane and refusing to move over when someone comes up behind you, stopping 4 car lengths from the intersection on a red light, aggressive drivers – oh wait strike that one.

Anyway who am I to talk, I’m sure my driving pisses off quite a few people as well. I just wanted to get a few things off my chest. I guess I’ll go back to writing about what I know after this. That would be health, fitness, diet, and my vegan journey through it all.


P.S.—-I love you…

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