Off Track

Ok so I know I said I would stick to diet and fitness and my vegan journey, but I have to just write what comes out and it looks like I’m veering of the path again today.

I haven’t been feeling well the past couple of days. Just a cold nothing major, but it’s amazing what that can do to your state of mind. I haven’t worked out and have no desire to. I have found comfort in listening to the new Van Halen CD over and over since I got it Friday morning. I know that’s weird, but I think the CD is awesome, and it brings me back to the early 80’s and that was a much easier time in my life. Anyway the CD was released today and I highly recommend it….

So yesterday I started to prepare some of my food for the week. I usually do that on Mondays. So I made vegan sausage and peppers, and vegan chicken salad. You would think that by now I wouldn’t have to preface sausage and chicken with vegan, however if I don’t I get questioned (I thought you didn’t eat that). The other question I get is how it can be chicken salad if there’s no chicken in it. Ok so let’s rephrase the statement. Yesterday I started to prepare my meals for the week. I made mock sausage and peppers and mock chicken salad. There, better? Oh yeah and I made my brown rice for the week as well.

I’m still waiting for someone to step up and tell me how to make green mango bubble tea so I don’t have to drive to Teaneck every time I get in the mood for it. I don’t mind the drive, however; I can’t go to Veggie Heaven and just get a bubble tea. I end up getting veg chicken with kale or asparagus, veg chicken drumsticks, boneless ribs, and soup. So I drop $40, all because I was in the mood for bubble tea. So you see the ability to make this tea at home would be very good for me financially.

I started to film my new idea a couple days ago and had issues with my memory card. Go figure 60 bucks for a card and brand new out of the package it’s no good. Well I exchanged it and I can start over this week. I have high hopes for this project. I feel the idea is really good and well though out, and it hasn’t been touched yet, and it has the ability to touch a lot of people, and animals in a very positive way. Time will tell.

In closing, Van Halen – A Different Kind of Truth….. Get it


P.S. – I Love You 🙂


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