An Open Letter to Me

An open letter to me, hey who else is paying attention anyway? You see, right there; that’s your problem, right there mother fucker, why do you always do that to yourself? Why do you find it so hard to believe that people care, and people pay attention? Why do you feel no one hears when you speak, when you cry, or why you pray? Why is it so hard to believe that maybe, just maybe, people love you? When will you get it through your thick head, the world is not out to get you? What you must do is open your eyes and realize the world has got your back; they’re not looking to stick a knife in it. You’re so vain, more like paranoid.
Keep walking around with the woe is me attitude, and that’s the piss poor reaction the world will return to you. Keep saying you can’t, and you won’t; stop saying I tried and do. If you want something, go out and get it, stop sitting around expecting it to come find you. The world owes you nothing; it’s up to you to earn it.
And another thing, when you look in the mirror; if you’re not going to see what’s actually there, than stop looking in the fucking mirror. Stop beating the shit out of yourself daily for something only you see. Stop acting like a damn teenage girl already and accept what you’ve achieved.
What the fuck; enough already, take your head out of your ass and start moving forward.
Be Happy 🙂
Give Love and Accept Love ❤
And finally stop looking outside yourself for approval. It’s all within you…

I Love You……….

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