Do You Really

This is something I hear often; I like animals more than I like people. Hell I used to say it myself. Let’s break this down a little. The obvious question is this, what are you doing to make the Human race better? “Animals are innocent and don’t lie or treat people badly”. Well how do you treat people? Do you lie and treat people poorly? No, of course not, you’re honest and you treat people kindly and with full respect. Is that even possible if you are the one making the statement that you like animals more than you like people?

If you wake up in the morning and tell yourself this day is going to suck; It will. “I have to go to work and deal with all those jerks”. You get dressed and leave your house, jump in the car and drive to the coffee shop, you walk in with an angry expression (cause you have to go deal with those jerks) the person behind the counter sees this and her reaction toward you is negative. So you go back to your car mumbling how rude she was. I’m a customer, how dare she be so rude to me.  This trend continues throughout your day. See what I mean, people suck. They ruined my day. Or do you think maybe there’s truth to the statement; you get back what you put out.

Try this instead when you wake up. What a beautiful day today is going to be, I can’t wait to get it started. Now when you get to the coffee shop walk in with a smile on your face and notice how you’ll be treated a little differently from the previous day where you wore a frown. Continue this throughout your day, throughout your life; and see how things change. I know; “I start everyday in a good mood and within the first hour of work someone has to ruin it for me”. Yeah I thought so, poor you; everyone’s goal is to make your life harder. Just try it 🙂

Now on to the other side of the coin, do you really love and care for animals as much as you claim to. I believe that you honestly think you do, but how is it seeing a dog that was mistreated brings out all this emotion; and well, for lake of a better word; hate towards humans, but seeing the same or worse treatment of a chicken or a pig doesn’t? Before you tell me it does, and you’re against it, tell me what you’re doing to help. I’m not saying you have to stop eating meat, but if this truly outrages you why do you continue to support this practice. Where are all the posts and comments supporting the mistreated animals in the food industry? Yeah I know “I don’t support the mistreating of any animals”. Stop; yes you do.


P.S. I love You………….

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