Ok so I didn’t want to touch this subject for personal reasons that will remain personal; however what I’m reading over and over, mostly on Facebook is really starting to bother me. By now even the under a rock people know of the passing of Whitney Houston. Whitney in my opinion will go down as having the best voice in the history of music. IN MY OPINION.
First of all, having an addiction doesn’t make you a loser any more than having a great talent makes you a role model. A lot of what I’m seeing is that she was a crack head loser and no one should be surprised she died. Well when some dies at 48 years of age it’s a surprising, sad, and tragic event, regardless of the circumstances. Another popular opinion is that Whitney was a perfect angel before she met Bobby Brown, well wrong again; everything just came to the public eye at that point. To blame Bobby for Whitney’s death is absurd, to blame her friends is also absurd. The only person responsible for Whitney was Whitney.
Now to all the name calling and criticism; I’m so happy to see that there are so many people who live their lives perfectly, never drank or smoked; both addictions that can kill you by the way. Never cheated, never lied, never let a friend drive home after drinking a little too much. Never did drugs of any kind; marijuana is a drug by the way. I can keep going, but I’m sure you got the point.
Here’s a challenge to all the people who keep saying she had all the resources but didn’t stop the drugs. Quit smoking, quit drinking coffee, drinking soda, stop drinking alcohol. Hell I go on Facebook and I see post after post of people bragging about drinking alcohol. I guess that’s acceptable behavior though because it’s legal (people die from alcohol, in many ways). Ok so let me see you quit these addictions. Need support call me, send me a message, I’ll give you my cell number (whether I know you or not) and I’ll give you 100% support to help end these unhealthy addictions. Come on; show the world how easy it is.
A great talent was lost yesterday. If you were a fan and are saddened by Whitney’s death, mourn the loss, mourn the loss without pointing fingers. If you don’t care that she died, leave it alone; what does bad mouthing her accomplish? Most of us know someone or several people who have passed due to drug use. The negative comments on Whitney may be hurtful to someone you call a friend (due to personal loss). Please think a little.
Look at the history of entertainment and sports. The history of drug abuse in both goes back to forever ago. So called heroes of the past Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Lawrence Taylor, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Marilyn Monroe, hey let’s not forget Elvis, this list could take me days to complete; all ADDICTS. I know it was all someone else’s fault. And why is it that some are looked at as Hero, or legend, while others are looked at as losers, Darryl Strawberry, Ken Camanetti, Bradley Nowell, Shannon Hoon, I’m not really sure how Layne Staley or Bon Scott are looked at, I guess it depends who you talk to.
Now look at everyday people, some of the most normal seeming people I know are alcoholics and or “potheads”. They live productive lives, go to work every day, support families; does that make it ok. I would say no, but that’s just me. I guess I’m starting to take this a little too far now so I’ll stop. In closing if you don’t understand addiction, if you’ve never experienced it first handed, you really shouldn’t criticize or talk bad to people who are fighting it (even if they are losing the fight). If you’re addicted (see above) and you’re talking, well then shame on you. Really look at yourself before you criticize others. I’m not perfect, neither are you.
Rest in peace Whitney…
I Love you………..


    • i follow ur blog now..its awesome! i like how you write. I have a blog too – its a good place to ‘vent’. lol 🙂

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