I set 3 goals for myself on January 22nd. Goal number 1 was to get my body fat back down to single digits. Well I have 13 days left and I can tell you now, I’m not going to reach this goal. I’m a little disappointed; however I can’t be too hard on myself over this one because I blew out my knee and haven’t been able to do my cardio training to the level necessary. I thought the knee was healing well and started up again this past Saturday, I was wrong; very wrong. Now I have what I believe is a fully torn MCL. I was 2.8 miles into my 3 mile run when I stepped into a little divot on the path. This divot was just big enough for my foot to bend inward causing my knee to partially pop out, as I straightened my leg it went back in, but the damage is done. It took 2 and one half days for me to be able to fully straighten my leg and be able to put weight on it. I guess the limp will never go away at this point.. So what I’m going to do is push that goal date to May 1st. With the adjustments I’m going to make this will be easy.
Goal number 2 was to get my bodyweight back up to 185 pounds by June 1st. Yes, I said up to 185 pounds. Historically when I’m in my best shape and look the best my weight is in the 180’s. Yesterday I was watching some videos from the spring of 2010 and looked like a different person, at least in my own eyes. I guess it was the winter of 2010 when I cut back dramatically on my weight lifting program. Shortly after that I decided to become vegan, and also kicked up my cardio program. Between the diet change and the change in the way I was training my body weight went down to 159 pounds. I maintained that weight for about a year, but about 4 months ago decided to get my weight back up. I started to prepare my body for some heavy lifting again and this bulking program will begin on Monday, (I can work around the knee problem). This program also helps me burn fat (by adding muscle). So goal number 2 is right on track.
Goal number 3 was to get my flexibility back. Back when I used to teach martial arts classes to children I spent a lot of time stretching. Between the stretching part of the class and the time waiting between classes I spent about an hour a day on my flexibility. When I stopped teaching kids and put all my time teaching to adult classes my flexibilty training took a big hit. I no longer have the down time between classes and I usually have one of my senior students run a warm up and stretch for me. Well I’ve been stretching more and have taken some yoga classes (not enough yoga), so I’m starting to move in the right direction here and plan to pick up on the yoga, at least one class weekly, (Tara HELP). As you can see I didn’t put a date on this goal, that’s because this is an ongoing process that will progress daily.
Overall I’m moving in the right direction in achieving my goals, not just these 3 fitness goals; I have set some personal goals and they’re progressing as well. My biggest obstacles are my constant injuries (expected) and my head. I’m working on overcoming both.
Stay Healthy and Reach for the Stars

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