Music; music is a very personal experience. Music brings out passion in people. Music can make you happier when you happy, sadder when you’re sad, happy when you’re sad, or sad when you’re happy. Music can power you through a workout when you’re feeling “gassed”. Music is a time machine; it can bring you back to another time in your life. There are songs that when I hear bring me to an exact specific point, and I can see exactly what I was looking at, and feel exactly what I was feeling at that exact moment.
It’s beautiful how 2 people can listen to the same musical piece and have totally different interpretation, both different than the authors and the next person who listens to it. A song I love, you may hate; a song that makes me feel good may make you feel bad. It’s so personal and that’s what makes it so beautiful. Hell, I’ve written songs that I thought were great at the time they were written; then I go back and listen to them a week later and think they’re horrible and question what was going on in my head. Meanwhile the person sitting next to me turns and says; “great song dude”.
There are good songs, and there are bad songs; there are genres of music I like and genres I don’t like. The one thing I know for sure, whether you like it or hate it, there is no music that sucks. It’s all in the ear of the listener.
And that is beautiful…..

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