Yoga Saturday

Yesterday I took a Yoga class for the first time in about 5 months. There is no way I can let that happen ever again. I love Yoga and I need Yoga, actually I think everyone does. My 25+ years in the martial arts (the past 10 as a career in MMA, fighting and training fighters) has been brutal on my body. Currently I’m trying to recover from 2 injuries; a torn knee and a lower back pull. Due to these issues my training is extremely compromised, making this the perfect time to fire up my Yoga practice.

When it comes to Yoga I am a novice. However that being said I am also extremely spoiled in my Yoga practice having the majority of my classes being private one on one instruction (with my friend who I think is the best Yoga teacher ever), and the group classes I’ve attended were at Jivamukti Yoga in NYC. If you practice yoga and have never been to Jivamukti, you need to make this a priority.

Now that I plan to start a regular practice I have to find a studio to practice at that is both local and affordable. I will still be practicing with my friend, but it will only be about 1 time per month and it will be in a group setting, and I will try to get to Jivamukti about 1 time per month but that leaves a lot of space to fill. There are plenty of local studios and a couple of them have been highly recommended, but they have big shoes to fill (in my eyes). I’ll let you know how it goes.

So after Yoga at Jivamukti the plan was to hit up the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival. The festival was only about 4 or 5 blocks from the Yoga studio so after a quick stop at the Union Square farmers market we walked over to the Pavilion. As we turned onto west 18th the line to get into the festival was huge (you would think the new I-phone was coming out). The festival was only letting in 50 people every 15 minutes and there had to be 500 to 700 people standing in line (looks like they need a bigger venue next time). Needless to say we never got into the festival which was a disappointment. Veggie Heaven and a Daydream Believer (when you bite into this cupcake it’s like biting into a cloud) from Sweet Avenue Bake Shop (the best vegan cupcakery ever) made everything better.

Great Yoga, Great food, and a Great friend = A Great Saturday….


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