Right or Wrong


Have you ever heard the saying; there is no right or wrong? Well it’s a nice concept, what’s right for one person may be wrong for another. Live your life the best way you know how to, only you can make the best decision for you. Well when it comes to personal growth and happiness I agree fully. You can take some detours along the road of life but that doesn’t make them wrong turns. That’s where personal growth comes from. No one is perfect start to finish in this journey.


Now here is my question; how far does that concept go? Is there a right or wrong way to treat other people? Is there a right or a wrong way to treat animals?  Is it right or wrong to put certain things into your body? I say yes to all three of the above questions. But that’s just me, who am I to say?


You should treat people the way you want to be treated. So when someone treats you in an unfavorable manor should you return the favor, or kill that person with kindness? I guess there really is no right or wrong answer to that question. I say (in most cases-not all) as long as there’s no physical contact smile and move on. In most cases.


As for the treatment of animals, most people will agree that animals should be treated a certain way and there is a wrong way to treat them, however most people only feel this way about some types of animals, not all animals. The way chickens are treated on egg farms and cows on dairy farms is deplorable. This is where most people will say well they just taking eggs and milk from the animals that’s not hurting them. Well the conditions theses animals live in; jammed in pens and cages, lack of nutrition and medical attention, and physically abused; now that’s wrong. I won’t even get started on other factory farms, that’s for another day.


It’s my body who are you to say it’s wrong for me to put whatever I want into it? Well in most cases yes, it’s your body do what you want; until you become a burden on society. At that point it becomes wrong. I understand addiction and what it takes to beat it, but if you don’t even try; well, I can never support that.


Right or wrong…………… I don’t know…………




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