Enjoy It While You Can

I woke up to a beautiful day today. I guess it was around 50 degrees or so outside with the sun shining and a light breeze. The forecast says it should get up to 69 degrees this afternoon, how sweet is that for an early March winter day? It’s been a very mild winter in New Jersey this year and I for one am extremely grateful for that, however; I have a feeling that before it’s over we may get slammed. I’m thinking a storm is going to roll in and dump like 10 inches of snow on us. I’m not a big fan of snow, but that would be pretty cool.

The forecast for tomorrow says 49 degrees and Saturday says 46 degrees with the sun shining both days. 49 degrees, and 46 degrees exactly where the temperature should be for a March day. So today’s 69 degrees is unseasonably warm and a beautiful gift, so get out and enjoy it.

So, the last thing on anyone’s mind today should be, “yeah but it’s going to be 20 degrees colder tomorrow”. I’ve heard it a few times already and it’s only 10:30 am. If you sit and worry (complain) that this weather is only for a day; well, then you’re going to miss it. Enjoy it while it’s here, then when tomorrow gets here and it’s only 49 degrees outside, enjoy that too because 49 and sunny is a beautiful day as well.

If you think I’m just talking weather here; well, you’re missing something…..


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