15 Minutes I’ll Never Get Back

Last night one of my students was asking me if I’ve watched any videos on YouTube about how the dollar is going to collapse. Through my laughter I responded no, why would I? So then he continued to tell me how it happened in Russia and here in the U.S. in 1929 (the great depression). My response was; I’m not saying it can’t happen, but why would I watch these videos where the main objective is to put fear in people. And let’s say it’s about to happen, what should I do?

Well it seems we won’t have access to get money from the bank (considering I don’t have any money in the bank nothing changes for me) so we need to stock pile food. So where would I put all this food I’m stocking up on? Well you just need a little corner in your basement, you should get at least 4 months worth of food. He said; the “collapse” won’t last forever maybe only a couple of years. My next and obvious question was; so what is 4 months worth of food going do for me? Oh yeah it seems I need to stock up on water too. That being said I would need a small warehouse now, 2 years worth of food and water. I would also need a small loan to be able to prepare for this.

So I then asked; if there is no access to banks, what happens to the mortgage on my house. He told me the bank would probably come throw me out and take the house. To me that was the point where it got really funny because that would mean the banks would be putting everyone in the streets who carries a mortgage. Next question; ok then what will the banks do with all these houses they now own and no one can buy? His response; I don’t  know, but I don’t own a house I just rent an apartment so I’ll be ok. Really? How do you plan on paying your rent? And what if your landlord has a mortgage and the bank comes and takes the property?

Now back to me food stockpile; if the bank puts me in the streets, what’s going to happen to all my food and water in the basement? I guess the bankers will be getting lots of food with all their newly acquired houses.

So I went on to tell him I’m really not worried about this collapse of the dollar, if it happens so be it, there’s really not much I can do. He found this to be odd, how could I not worry? I told him I’ll just continue living for today and what will be, will be. I can’t live my life in fear of what may or may not happen. I’m not going to spend what little money I have to stock pile food (just like we were supposed to do for Y2K and several other “doomsday predictions).

Will this “doomsday” ever come? Maybe. But, let’s say I have 5 years worth of food in my basement, and 10 million dollars in cash hidden in the house; what good will it do for me? Damn, I better stock up on weapons and ammo too. Got to protect my food and money.

Prepare for the future the best you can, but not at the cost of today.

Be Happy in today. Do not live in fear of tomorrow…


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