I’m a Vegetarian, I’ll have the Salmon…

                Today is just one of those days, I do not have much to say; I’m just not feeling it. I didn’t sleep well last night so waking up this morning was very difficult, and I feel a bit of a brain cloud. I do however want to briefly touch on one thing that has been on my mind and that’s the term vegetarian.

There are varieties of vegetarian; ovo-vegetarian includes eggs but not dairy, lacto-vegetarian includes dairy but not eggs, ovo-lacto vegetarian includes eggs and dairy, and vegan no animal product at all; no dairy, eggs, or honey.

Now there are also “semi-vegetarian“ diets which include; pescetarianism which includes fish and other seafood, pollotarianism which includes poultry, and  pollo-pescetarian which includes poultry and fish.

I personally feel vegetarian should mean plant based diet, but I get the dairy and egg varieties. As far as the semi-vegetarian groups go; YOU ARE NOT VEGETARIAN.




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