Confidence (While Injured)

I’ve been training in the martial arts since 1985 and before I started my martial arts training I boxed and wrestled a little. Confidence in my ability to protect myself, my family, and my friends has never been an issue. As a matter of fact even as a skinny little kid that was the one area where I was always confident.

As I have mentioned in a couple of my recent posts I currently have a knee injury. This injury is turning out to be pretty serious (I believe I completely tore my M.C.L.) and the healing process is going very slow and has been riddled with setbacks. Just walking has been an ordeal at times and the pain is constant.

While I’m going through this knee issue my training has been extremely limited. I’m able to do my strength training, but my cardio and my martial arts training are minimal. I am still able to teach all my classes and private lessons so that’s helping my conditioning a little, but not near what I usually do.

The one thing that has been going through my mind through all this has been a simple question. If I need to defend myself, right now; can I? If I need to defend my daughter, right now; can I? Of course in my mind the answer is yes; my knee is in pain, but adrenalin dump will mask that until the situation is resolved then it’ll hurt like hell again. However what if during this self defense action my knee pops out again, that would be a game changer in the bad guys favor.

It’s kind of funny what an injury like this can do to your mindset. I still have that confident feeling of invincibility when it comes to a fight or self protection, but there’s a little question mark showing its face. This is a something I’m not really used to and I will never let myself get used to. If a situation should arise, I would go into it with the same confidence I always carry. If my knee were to betray me in battle I would just have to be creative, adapt, and overcome. After all I’ve trained my whole life; perseverance is the only option.

Train hard…


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