My Vegan Journey 4

Ok so if I hear one more time how bad the foods in a vegetarian diet taste it may get ugly. First of all, the majority of foods that everyone eats fall into the vegetarian category. Secondly, what’s the first thing most people do before cooking meat? They marinate it. Why? 2 reasons, one is to add flavor, and two is to tenderize it.

I was just reading an article and this line came up in an answer about a vegetarian diet; “the main challenge being to make the stuff palatable”. Well that takes me to point number 2 as mentioned above. If meat is so “palatable” why use the marinade, and why all the seasonings? I’ve always eaten a very bland diet, but when most people eat they load up on salt, pepper, butter, catsup, mustard, and tons of other spices, sauces, and dressings regardless of what they’re eating.

Speaking for myself, food is fuel; I eat because it’s necessary for survival. Sure there are some foods I just really like and eat them for that reason and that reason alone, however taste is not my main concern when planning my menu for the week, nutrition is. That being said, if foods on my menu were unpalatable, I would not eat them, I would find an alternative. There are plenty of options to get all my nutritional needs through a vegetarian/vegan diet and I like to take advantage of as many of them as possible. I always try new foods, it keeps me from getting bored of the foods I eat and ensures I’m getting all the vitamins and minerals I need as well.

Next, why does meat need to be tenderized before it is eaten? The reason is because the human body is not designed to eat meat, period. Plain and simple; if you think I’m wrong stop eating meat for 10 days and see how much more efficient your digestive process becomes. Then to improve upon that even further cut dairy and watch how your body thanks you.

Hippocrates said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. A vegetarian diet is the first step in this process. A vegan diet is the ultimate step in this process. If everyone ate a vegan diet you would see the incidences of many diseases continue to drop and maybe the obesity epidemic would not exist anymore.

Stay tuned…


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