Sorry for the lack of Updates

Well as you can tell I haven’t been posting daily like I normally do. The reason for this is work. Although health and fitness is my passion, lately I have not been making enough to cover my financial obligations therefore when a job was offered to me last week, I had no choice but accept.

The position was in an industry I left 15 years ago so I have background and experience, just no desire to be in it. The job pays well and it’s not all that difficult, it’s just not my thing. My official title is Field Engineer. Oh yeah and they’re giving me a new laptop and company cell phone. The biggest down side in my eyes is that I will have to do some traveling. I know most people love that but its work, not pleasure so it’s not the same.

So the way I’m looking at this opportunity is that it’s a means to an end. I’m still teaching all my martial arts classes and boot camps, and I’m still training all my private clients, but from 8 to 5 I’m,,,,, well, I’m a field engineer; let’s leave it at that…

Bigger things are on the horizon and this new job will help me get there, in time. That I can guarantee.

So, as for the blog; I will update at least 1 time per week. Every Sunday night I will put up a new entry. When I can, I’ll add more but for now at least 1 every Sunday night..

By the way I started the book and so far so good.

So please check back often and share the blog with your friends and help me build this (so I don’t have to keep the day job long). 🙂



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