Where Do I Fit In

Due to a very busy schedule as of late and a knee injury my training has turned to shit. The good news in this is that my knee is getting time to heal, and I’m making a bit more money than I have in a while. The bad news is that my fitness level is in a downward spiral and my body fat is rising; well maybe I can get a part time job at Christmas playing Santa, (no stuffing required). Actually it’s not that bad (yet), but I feel like it is.

So as I sit here on Easter morning writing this, my main goal for the day is to figure out how to fit ME into my schedule. The number one excuse people use for not exercising is “I don’t have the time”. Well anyone who has ever said this to me knows my response to that statement. Bravo Sierra. (Bull Shit) Everyone has the time to do what’s best for their own physical and mental health.

Wake up an hour earlier in the morning, use half of your lunch break, or watch a little less TV, there is always time. Break it up 15 minutes in the morning, 15 during your lunch break or at night.

My plan is to wake up at 5:30 and hit the gym before work, and also 15 minutes of rope skipping during my lunch break every day. I will also squeeze cardio training in at night between teaching and private sessions. Will it be easy? No, but it will be well worth the positive reward I will receive as a result. I will also be adding Yoga every Sunday alternating between Jivamukti and Shiva Shanti.

My schedule has gone crazy but it’s all positive. In this time of insanity I’m excited for all the good that is heading my way.

Positive mind will yield positive results. I’ll see you on the top…



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