Meaningess Rant

So I was reading a local entertainment magazine earlier today and I came across an article by one of the regular writers that kind of aggravated me a bit. In the article the writer went on and on ripping Facebook, and Twitter, and the people who use them. Now I wasn’t all that surprised that he wrote this based on some of his past writings but it finally pissed me off a bit. Who is he to say that these web sites are making people dumber and that people who choose to use them are less intelligent then people who choose not to. If he has strong feelings against social media sites and chooses not to use them, well that’s his choice, and if I choose to use them, well that’s my choice. So how is it hurting him or his wife (who is also of superior smarts then the rest of us) if everyone else around them chooses to partake in the social media craze? Simple answer; it’s not, he’s just a pompous ass. Keep in mind this is the same writer who once wrote that anyone who chooses to have children is stupid. It’s good that he knows what everyone in the world should be doing. Oh yeah and before I move on; if you ever talk to this guy don’t ask him how his weekend was, he doesn’t have time for meaningless chatter.

I’m sorry for wasting your time with this meaningless rant, but I had to let it out. Okay I’m going to get back on track and start my next post now. It will be another installment of My Vegan Journey combined with Guerilla Cooking. That will be posted tomorrow night.



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