My Vegan Journey 5/Guerilla Cooking 3

Since becoming vegan I’ve learned quite a few things, things you’d never think to be. For instance; BacOs bacon bits are vegan, so are Oreo cookies, but non-dairy creamer has dairy in it; go figure. Here’s a good one; fish bladders are used in the process of making some beers and wines, FISH BLADDERS. You think that’s pretty gross, well they also use edible gelatins made from bones and animal albumin (blood proteins) egg albumin and dried blood powder, yummy.

I find it funny how non-vegans will tell me how disgusting tofu and some of the other meat substitute products we vegans eat are, yet most people have no idea what’s in their food. Did you know that there are anchovies in Worcestershire sauce? I don’t know many people who like anchovies, but I know a lot of people who use Worcestershire sauce. How about Ritz original crackers, you know the ones that taste buttery, well they happen to be vegan, as are a few flavors of Jell-O instant pudding.

I bet not many people would walk into a deli and order a blood and tongue sandwich (well except for some old school Italians I know), but if you hide it in their food it’s all good.

Pink slime has been a hot topic lately, shit; if you think that’s the worst thing going on with your food you better start doing some research. By looking at the conditions and practice at factory farms I’m shocked food borne illness and death for that matter aren’t much higher. Less than 1% of cattle slaughtered by the meat industry are tested for mad cow disease. The FDA says that’s enough because they ban the use of brain and spinal material that spread the disease to humans, so if the slaughter houses follow the rules in place all is safe. Watch a video from inside a slaughter house and tell me what rules are being followed. I’ve seen cleaner gas station bathrooms, it’s sickening.

Here is one for all my friends who eat kosher. There are a lot of rules in place for kosher food, especially when it comes to the slaughter of animals. Well……ahhh, nevermind……….

Now on to Guerilla Cooking 3

Ok this is my Vegan Chicken Salad

1 package of seitan

About a half cup of frozen corn

1 stalk of celery (chopped)

1 jalapeno pepper (chopped)

About a half onion (chopped)

Course sea salt and fresh ground black pepper


Roasted red pepper (chopped)

About a half cup of frozen peas

Mix it all together and enjoy

*as always measurements are rough estimates and I don’t know cooking terms so by chopped I mean cut into small squares…

Here is a video from Mercy For Animals..



  1. Is it alright to put part of this in my personal website if perhaps I publish a reference point to this web site?

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