Charles Joseph Whitman

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On August 1, 1966 Charles Joseph Whitman climbed the Tower at the University of Texas in Austin. He killed 13 people and wounded another 32 people in a shooting spree. Before he went to the tower he killed his wife and mother in Austin. In total he killed 16 people, that number includes an unborn child.

I can’t help but wonder why he let his father live. Maybe so he could suffer for all that happened. I don’t know, maybe he just didn’t feel like going to Florida to do so.

Charles was raised Roman Catholic and served as an altar boy. He was a Boy Scout and the youngest person to receive the rank of Eagle Scout. His father was a gun enthusiast and taught his son to handle guns and hunt at an early age.

After graduating from high school Charles join the United States Marine Corps where he earned a number of medals and a badge as a sharpshooter, he did have some problems while serving, but left the corps with an honorable discharge.

Now, I was less than a month old at the time, but if my memory serves me; no video games or heavy metal music was around back then. There may have been some slasher movies, but, I’m sure they were pretty mild compared to today. As for the media, well those fuckers have been around forever, but nowhere near the scale of today.

So, what would cause this murderous rampage?

Did I mention yet that Charles, his brothers and his mother, were physically and emotionally abused by his father? Oh I also left out the brain tumor and medication he was taking for ADHD.

So what was responsible for this mass shooting? Was it because he was handling guns from an early age, was it from the abuse, was if from the Marines, was it the tumor, or maybe the medication?

2 things we know, it wasn’t lack of religion and it wasn’t Video games, slasher movies or media…


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