The majority of my republican friends also consider themselves Christians; yet, they also seem to have the most hateful opinions on everything that differs from what they believe. The one comment I hear an awful lot when referring to democrats is; “the sheepole blindly following their leader”. Well here’s a question for you. What is more crazy following a living human being who’s ideals and opinions and policies you agree with, or following a supreme being that created everything and has predetermined the path for every living being but has never been seen by a human being?
Now I know I have a few friends who claim they have “died” and come back and have seen what’s waiting on the other side so let’s start there. You didn’t die and come back, that doesn’t happen. (Unless you think the movie Reanimator was real)Your heart may have stopped beating but your brain was still functioning. So, did you actually see anything, or did you dream of what you believe is waiting for upon your passing?

I believe in spirits, or ghosts or whatever you want to call them, I’ve experienced it firsthand. That being said brings the question, do I believe in god. Well do I think there is a supreme being who created everything and predetermined everything that has and will be happening? No. Do I believe there is something waiting for us? Yes. But just what that is who knows? NOBODY.

By the way I believe in Jesus. I believe he was a charismatic individual with a vision and the ability to get others to follow him and believe in his vision. Kind of like Charles Manson, David Koresh, and Reverend Jim Jones just to name a few.

So back to my republican friends, by the way my voting history is republican. I did not vote for our current president in either election; however, I accept the results from those elections. Just because your candidate lost, that doesn’t mean his opponent (the winner) stole anything. Try this, accept the present, keep you values (without the hateful attacks on everyone who disagrees with you), and make a difference with fact (not hate) for the next time around.

One last thing, this is for both sides. When you refer the bill of rights, specifically the 2nd amendment read the whole thing. All the words count and have meaning, not just the select few that strengthen your agenda.
Fire away

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