Meaningless Drivel

2 years ago I braved the freezing cold weather on the lower east side, working over nights, outside, on, and under the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges, and various locations around Chinatown. I was working with a talented cast and crew to make a short film, The Chase. Well I just found out that tomorrow at the premier for The Zombie Chronicles 2 – The Infected, The Chase will also be viewed for the first time. I cannot wait.

Moving on, I haven’t watched a UFC event in quite a while. As I sat down to write this gibberish I tend to spew from time to time I noticed that a live event from the UK was about to start, and much to my surprise an acquaintance of mine who I train with from time to time is in the opening fight. So far he won the first 2 rounds, round 3 is in progress now. So far it’s looking pretty good.
Ok it’s going to the cards, should be 30-27 across the board, however the fight is in the UK and his opponent is from the UK so you never know what will happen. WOW split decision, how in God’s name (ha-ha) (read my blog God) did one of the judges see Matt losing that fight. Crazy.

Anyway, today is the day I’m getting back on track. My training, lifting, cardio, and martial arts have been horrible as of late. My body fat has gone up; muscle and endurance have gone down. Time to turn it back around, get back to the level I belong, and maybe even start to compete again. Part of this turn back around will be to start blogging about diet and fitness again; I haven’t been on topic for a long time now. I’ve come up with some really good new vegan recipes over the past few months and I will be sharing them as well.

Wow, that was a nice head kick; I can’t believe that dude got through the first round.

I need to sell my Line 6 guitar amp, anyone interested message me for details.

Damn this is a good fight.

Stay tuned my friends.


open house 131

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  1. I can’t wait to see some of those recipes, I know they will be great to try

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