My Way or the Highway

So I know that I view things differently than most people. As far as religion goes I can’t say I believe in God but at the same time I can’t say I don’t believe . As for politics I’ve always voted republican and I do lean to the right a bit, I know this may surprise a lot of people being that I am a vegan and I care about animal rights and I don’t want to round up every illegal ship them out. I feel that the republicans and the democrats have gotten so extreme they no longer represent what they once did and I know for sure they don’t represent the people they were elected to serve. It’s at a point in this country where it doesn’t matter what’s on the table and how good it would be for the people, if a republican comes up with it the democrats will shoot it down and vice versa. If we can’t meet in the middle we’re done, there’s no saving the country and becoming the world leader we once were.

So I know that was a strange lead into this but I’m really writing this about some of my philosophies on exercise. Like I said earlier I view things different than most, but I don’t understand why more people (trainers) don’t do things my way. You will always hear it said that you can’t build and lose at the same time, and you can’t train for strength and endurance at the same time, well I beg to differ. First off what law states that workouts need to be broken down into body parts and weight training and cardio need to be done separately? The vast majority of people who work out do so for a couple of reasons, to lose weight or just maintain health and make every day life easier and to try and slow the aging process. So why then would these people be training like body builders?

There are 4 weight lifting exercises that I feel everyone should be doing, and 1 additional exercise that most should be doing. Here it is: military presses, dead lifts, flat bench presses, and squats. The additional move it the power clean for moderate repetitions. If you did nothing but these exercises you would get strong, build muscle, and burn fat. The key is to use these as the base of you program and follow up with supporting exercises for higher reps and mix in cardio work. There are also a few body weight exercises that should be done by all. They are pushups, pull-ups, dips, and sit-ups.

Now how do you work cardio and endurance into strength training and get the best of both worlds? Active Rest: between sets thrown in cardio. So here’s an example: military press, 30 seconds of jumping jack, 30 second rest. Set 2 of presses, 30 seconds of mountain climbers, 30 second rest. Set 3 of presses, 30 seconds of burpees, 30 second rest and continue this throughout the entire workout. The between set cardio can be anything you like, jump rope, treadmill, whatever makes you happy.

In conclusion do you abs twice a week, that’s all they need. Just like any other muscle group, when you beat them down the need time to rebuild.

Now go work out…


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