The Theory of Video Game

So, when you’re sitting in front of your computer playing video games, do you ever wonder if the people in the video game know they’re in a video game, or do you think that they think they’re real, or do you think that’s just a crazy question.
How about you? Are you real, or are you just living inside a video game? How do we know that we’re not just some greater beings version of “Sim City”.
How do you know that the God you pray to daily is not just some teenage kid getting stoned sitting at his computer playing a game.
Ever have deja vu? That’s because Juniors computer crashed and he had to go back to a restore point a few days earlier, and you are in fact re living a recent period of time.

So there’s all these discussions out there, we were created by a superior being (God), science says a big bang and evolution, Lloyd Pye says where were brought here as slaves from an alien race from the 10th planet of Nibiru (of the 3 this makes the most sense), well here’s my new theory, The Theory of Video Game, we are nothing more than a simulated world created within the computer of a greater being, much like the worlds we create within our computers when we play games. That’s all we are, a simulated game.

I know, it sounds crazy, right? Any crazier than a supreme being who lives in a mystical place (Heaven) and created everything (earth, people, water, sky, sun, planets, etc) in 6 days then rested for a day, then just sat back to watch and see what would happen. But, our lives are supposed to be predetermined, so he (or she) should already have known how it was going to play out. But you see, he (or she) didn’t, and he (or she) didn’t like the way things were going, so he (or she) told Noah to build an ark and get a male and female of every animal and take them with him. Then he (or she) flooded the earth to kill everyone and start over again (hey thats similar to my restore point theory).
Then a few years later he (or she) decided that he (or she) wanted a son so he (or she) planted his (or her) seed in Mary, Josephs wife, who Joseph apparently never had sex with, but wasn’t upset or suspicious when she became pregnant, heck of an understanding guy that Joseph.
Anyway, many years later when Jesus was all grown up and banging hookers, he was charismatic enough and had the ability to get people to believe in him and follow him, but than one day he was convicted and sentenced to death by crucifixion and he died for my sins, died for my sins, died for my sins, a couple thousand years before I was born. Then a few days later, he came back to life and hasn’t been seen since. Wow, thats quite the story.

Then there’s science, and the theory of evolution, “theory” of evolution, “theory” you get my point. Ok so lets see, there was an explosion in the middle of nowhere, where there was nothing to explode, and a perfectly formed solar system with the ability to support life was formed from this explosion. But you see there was no life, but just like that explosion (out of nowhere) life was formed and grew and evolved into the beauty you see around you now. Well that makes perfect sense.

Now onto my man Lloyd Pye. I gotta say I love this guy, but he’s just as crazy as the rest, but he has some good theories here. The human race on earth was genetically engineered and brought here as slaves from an alien race from the planet of Nibiru thousands of years ago. He gets really deep into this and if I peaked your interest I suggest you go to youtube and look him up, whether you buy into it or not at the very least it is very entertaining. But my question is where are these slave masters who brought us here now, and how were they created. Were they originally slaves brought from another planet themselves, did they come from a big bang, or did “God” create them first, hmmm, I coming up with more questions then answers here.

So back to my theory of video game. We create simulated worlds inside our computers, we are a created simulated world within the computer of a greater being who is living within the computer generated world of the computer of a greater being who is living within the computer generated world of yet another greater being and on and on. Oh yeah and by the way the worlds inside our computers have computer generated worlds of their own. Wow, this is good stuff.

So where did these greater beings come from, how were they created, “God”, big bang, slaves to an alien race? Shit, looks like we’re right back where we started..

Hey maybe all the different “Gods” that people worship really do exist and are the only true life beings and they’re all hanging out together getting stoned playing a video game….

Think about that for a while.


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