Personal Trainers

Originally posted in Dec. 2012… Still applicable….

Rich Sab

So it’s the time of year when lots of people decide to start exercising and eating better. Everyone who makes this decision has their own ideas about achieving this goal. Some people feel that they are strong willed, and knowledgeable enough to go at it alone. Some people feel they need help and enlist a partner in their new fitness goals, and some people feel they need the help of fitness professionals (personal trainers). Whatever category you fall into, the important part is to make this commitment, set achievable goals, and follow through.
I want to talk about personal trainers a little. When you make the decision to hire a trainer you may be tempted to hire someone based on appearance. Just because someone is lean and muscular does not mean they have the ability to safely and effectively help another individual reach their fitness goals. On the other side…

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