Do Something…..

So the state of our nation, hell the world we live in is bothering you. Good that means you’re paying attention. But, that’s we’re it ends. Going on Facebook and posting your discontent and criticizing people who are out there trying to make a change (whether you believe in their cause or not) isn’t helping your cause. Hiding behind your computer and saying the cops are out of control, the rioters are animals, it’s racial, it’s not racial, etc. does nothing to help matters.

The other popular post is that of a black cop who killed a white kid. Where’s Al Sharpton, where are the protests? Well let’s look at that. Al Sharpton is an activist on issues of equality for the black community. Call him whatever you want, like him, hate him it doesn’t matter, that’s what he does. He took up his cause and he went after it and he takes advantage of every opportunity to stir the pot. Yes, stir the pot. If you have a cause and you want people to take notice you have to make some noise and that’s what Rev. Al does.

Now if you’re truly so appalled by the killing of a white kid by a black cop, and you really feel this is a problem of serious concern because it happens so frequently, maybe instead of complaining on Facebook about all the injustice against white kids and all this lack of attention when it happens to white people, maybe it’s time for you to become Rev. Al. Now I realize it’s much easier to sit at home and criticize, so if that makes you feel better carry on as usual. But if you really believe in what you’re saying, do something.

By the way a protest must cause some disruption in order to bring attention to the cause. Unfortunately opportunists will latch on to a legitimate cause for their own agenda, and even more unfortunate is the fact that some will use the protest for violence and destruction which puts the whole cause in a bad light. Sometimes a protest will affect all our lives in some way, but if it’s legitimate and brings about necessary change; it’s worth the minor inconvenience..

Now before you get angry at what I’m saying here, take your time and read it again and really understand my point. If it still angers you, well than you’re missing something.


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