Just Some Thoughts

There’s a few hot headlines in the news, hmmmm, where do I start?

OK the king of Jordan. 2 days ago he was a violent Christian hating Muslim extremist. Now he leads a bombing mission of a terrorist group of which a couple of days ago you all had him a part of, and now he’s your hero. That doesn’t surprise me much because a good number of the Christians I know come out with some of the most extreme shit I’ve ever heard. Calling the terrorist animals then saying what we should do to them, well if we did some of the stuff I hear on a daily basis, we would then be the terrorist, there would be no difference between us and them. Yeah I understand there’s a time to fight, but there’s also a right way to do it.

I didn’t see the entire Obama speech so I can’t really comment on it. I did see the cut up edited version that everyone else is commenting on, but I would really need to see it unedited to know what he said and the context of it to have an opinion either way. I would suggest everyone do the same rather than just jump on it for the sake of hating the President. I’m really not a fan of Barack Obama, but I don’t see a lot of what being thrown around. I can honestly say I personally am much better off today then I was before he took office.

Bobbi Kristina Brown found face down in bathtub. Whether you care about her or not is irrelevant. This is a sad story. The girl is 21 years old, her life is just beginning and there’s a chance it may be ending. So if you don’t care about her there’s really no reason to go online and spew poison about her, her mother and her father. If you don’t care, ignore it and move on to the next story.

Plus size model featured in SI swimsuit issue. This shouldn’t be news, it should be part of the norm. She’s a beautiful woman just like the rest of the SI models, she’s a model just like the rest of the SI models, and she’s airbrushed just like the rest of the SI models. They all have beauty, and they all have flaws. Just like the rest of us.

The horse is dead, you can stop beating on it. I don’t really care that footballs were less inflated then they should’ve been.

No professional athlete “sucks”. Next time you want to tell me how much a pro sucks, start off by telling me about your pro career.

No professional musician sucks. There’s plenty I don’t like, but it doesn’t suck. Yeah there’s a lot of music thats sounds like something else, big deal. If you don’t like it, change the channel.

The movie Cake isn’t about cake. I was disappointed.

Anderson Silva tested positive for performance enhancing drugs. Moral of this story, don’t talk shit about others for getting caught just because you didn’t get caught yet. Now you just look like a giant jackass.

I guess I’ll call it now. I’ll spew some more drivel later.


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