Look In The Mirror

If you get pleasure from the fears, pain,  suffering, loss, failure, and just any possible negatives and displeasure of an other; well you just plain suck as a human being. You shouldn’t be on social media spreading you tail like a proud peacock, you should be re-evaluating you values, or lack there of. 

We lost a few greats recently, David Bowie, Glen Frey, and Lemmy just to name a few. This is sad enough without the need for enhancement. Can someone please explain to me why news about the deaths of celebrities with the current date, of people who have died years ago to try and make it seem like they just died keep appearing . Why the need to make it seem like more celebrities are dying at the same time. This baffles me..

If you’re planning on voting for the modern day P.T. Barnum just because “he says what we’re all thinking” or “he speaks his mind” you don’t really care for the future of this country, or the younger generations, and you have no idea what I, or anyone else happen to be thinking. 

A lot of non white actors are crying racism over actor snubs at the oscars. Yes, racism and sexism for that matter exist in Hollywood and everyday life, there is no denying that fact. However if you were chosen to play a roll and paid 16 million dollars to do so; I don’t think you were a victim of this racism. BTW white actors were snubbed as well and these award shows are nothing more than douche festivals were millionaires stroke each other’s cocks. There are much more important issues on the subject. Let’s worry more about how this is effecting people who need help, not the elite who are blessed and cry the most. 

When you go on social media and create this fantasy life you would like the world to believe you live remember 1 thing. You may be impressing some strangers, but the people who actually know you (real friends and family) lose a little more respect for you with each post. 

In closing, if this post offends you in any way let me know so I can run for president; apparently that’s a good quality for the job these days. 

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