Peace Chester

Chester Bennington’s death by suicide affects me but not for the same reasons as most. You see I like his music, but only casually. He didn’t influence me in any way and I don’t feel he pioneered a new sound in music. I think he capitalized on a sound and took it to a higher lever, at least with “Hybrid Theory”, I don’t care for much after that. This being said I do realize the impact and influence he had on the younger generation; the music we grow up with has the biggest impact on our lives, and his death definitely leaves a void for many fans.

Chester’s death and that of Chris Cornell affect me because I too deal with depression every day of my life, and every day I also consider the same route they ultimately decided was the only way. It’s not an act of selfishness, and it’s something you will never understand unless you live it. The best we can do is try to find a way to manage it 1 day at a time, 1 hour at a time, 1 minute at time, and second by second.

Where I feel a lot go wrong with this is going the drug route, whether prescribed or not. At least in my situation this made things worse. I know many people use anti-depressant drugs with great success, however they’re not a fix all for everyone. For me personally physical activity has been the best medicine, when I’m on the mats training and/or teaching Brazilian jiu jitsu my mind is free and I don’t have a problem in the world and I’m happy. I truly believe Brazilian jiu jitsu and physical activity in general can help everyone who fights with depression.

I privately train a USMC vet who has PTSD, we have very similar issues although we have them for very different reasons. I see how being on the mat training makes his load lighter for the time we train and I see how his face changes the second he walks through the door. I know this is the very best therapy available to fight through depression. I also know everyone is different and needs to find what they feel is best for them in dealing with depression and the thoughts and pain that come with it..

Over the past couple of days I’ve seen a lot of posting on Facebook about Chester, mostly positive but there are always some who feel they know it all and feel the need to go the douche bag route. To the douche bags I say enjoy your perfect lives. To the positive and all the people who are hurting from the loss of Chester, pop in Hybrid Theory and crank the volume and enjoy the gift he gave us all…





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