What’s Happening?

Oprah Winfrey gave a speech at the Golden Globes a couple of nights back. I saw a bunch of posts on Facebook regarding this speech so I turned to YouTube to search it out and watch it. I liked it, I thought it was well written, well delivered, and sent a positive message. For some reason this speech started the #oprah2020 movement which is a bit silly (in my opinion). Just because someone can give a good, well written, well delivered speech does not automatically qualify that individual to be the president of the United States, if it did well than we should have a pretty full slate of candidates to choose from in 2020; Neil Gaiman  being my first choice. I know what you’re thinking now, 1 who is Neil Gaiman, and 2 Neil Gaiman is from England. Well by the new standard that really doesn’t matter he delivered a speech that I love and watch quite often as a reminder to myself of the message it sends.


The other observation from Oprah’s speech is how much hate this has driven in her direction. I’m not an expert in Oprah’s career or her private life, I’ve never fully seen any of her films and I’ve only seen a handful of her interviews. This being revealed, what I do see and hear of her is mostly positive and uplifting. I may be wrong, as stated above I don’t know much about her.


So here’s my question; why attack her for a strong, positive, uplifting speech? Maybe she isn’t perfect, and maybe she has some skeletons I’m not aware of but, who doesn’t? Now this is where it get even stranger for me. As far as I can tell the majority of the attacks (by majority I mean all) are coming from supporters of our current president, who by the way lacks the same resume to be president as Oprah but that was ok. So why look past the mans own words about his actions, but demonize the women who speak out against such actions, and I have to say I’m shocked by the number of women taking this stance.


As for Hollywood, everyone seems to be talking in a negative light about the actors who stood in solidarity against an injustice targeted mainly at women and also at children, and (maybe to a lesser extent) men. The statement I see most is; it was ok and they didn’t complain while they were making their millions and getting roles, so why now are they all coming forward. Well, maybe to an extent that may  partially be true, but look at this type of abuse historically in our society. How many stories have come up where students were abused by teachers, children who were abused by family friends and relatives, and these abuses were not revealed until many years later, are they all lies? How about battered women (and men) who are repeatedly beaten and abused in relationships and continue to deny the abuse and protect their abusers only to admit this at a  later time, are they all liars?


How many rapes do you think go unreported for the reasons we are seeing here? It seems our society loves to place the blame on the victims, and the victim of any abuse should never feel shame, or fault for being abused at any level, yet the victims have to deal with this stigma.

I read many comments online bashing the way lots of the women were dressed at the Golden Globes. The common thread was “if you coming together to fight women being abused why are you dressed like that”. Well dressing in a beautiful sexy dress (whether skin is revealed or not) has nothing to do with it. Showing cleavage is not rape me permission slip.


We’ve come to such a point of division that no matter the subject it’s broken down on political lines even though lots of the issues are not political. I don’t know the answer to fix any of this but, seems to me right and wrong should be obvious. I’m not perfect, I have a lot of regret from my past, I’ve made poor decisions (some that have affected lives other than my own) but, I learned from them and try to be a good person. We all have skeletons in our closets so we should all drop the holier than thou attitudes so many portray, especially on social media sites. It’s unfortunate that social media has generated a society of people who will go full attack on any one they disagree with, whether they know that individual or not, would they have that same reaction face to face; probably not, But that’s another topic……

Look in the mirror…


#CoreyBooker2020  #NeilGaiman2020





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