Why Does Press 1 Bother You So Much?

I really don’t care which tribal label you give yourself, whether you’re republican, democrat, libertarian, socialist, green, communist, or team Renzo. I don’t care if you’re black, white, red, or yellow. I don’t care if you’re a man, woman, SIS (I don’t even understand what that means), gender fluid, trans, gay, straight, bi, or still confused where you fit in. I don’t care if you’re  a vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, or carnivore. I don’t care if you’re Christian, Catholic, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, or Atheist. I don’t care if you like rock, country, blues, disco, jazz, classical, electronic, R&B, or even opera for that matter. I don’t care if you like the Yankees, Mets, Red Sox, or White Sox, Go Pirates. I don’t care if you like baseball, basketball, football, hockey, or soccer. Merry Christmas, happy holidays; who really cares, someone is wishing you well why do you care how they say it. On, and on, and on. Sorry if I excluded your tribe. 

While I agree far too many are looking for reasons to be offended, far to many are also going out of their way to intentionally be offensive.

I think that wherever you fit in we all have the same goals and that’s to be happy, healthy, and loved. If everyone put it a little effort it would really be quite easy. Let me be me while you be you. 

Be Kind

If everyone would just be kind to others this trip would be way easy. 


Thoughts V1.0

1. I’ve been training in the martial arts for a lot of years and will continue to do so for as long as I can physically do so. I’ve had my share of injuries over the years which have slowed my training and given me barriers to climb and I have always managed to get over them. I have to admit it’s frustrating as fuck sometimes and I’ve had to change the way I do a lot of things but, I still feel pretty damn good overall.

2. Vegans be vegans, meat eaters be meat eaters, and whatever the fuck else you would like to categorize yourself as do whatever the fuck you want. Can we at least agree on one thing, the animals in factory farms should no be abused. It’s bad enough they’re bred for slaughter, at the very least they should be respected during their short lives. I don’t understand the constant back and forth argument about what we’re “meant” to eat. It’s all bullshit. There’s science to back every opinion because whoever pays for the science gets the scientific result they want. I do realize there are radical vegans who take things to far, there’s a fine line between passion and aggression.

3. Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Green, Constitution, Socialist, conservative, liberal, left,right, center, blah, blah, blah.
How about do whats best for the people and stop deciding everything by party lines. Common sense, and right or wrong no longer matter. At the federal, state and local levels politics have come down to just opposing each other without regard for the people they are supposed to be representing and looking out for. What makes this situation far worse is the “we the people” (hahahahahaha) let them divide us, so while they continue to bend us over we’re to busy fighting each other to realize it.

and lastly. I find it funny how many from my generation seem to have forgotten all we did growing up. Constant complaints about the current generation, millennial this and millennials that, well let me tell you this; every generation has its good and it’s bad, and by the way, if the millennials are fucked up please remember which generation is raising them. Oh yeah, I forgot; “not my kid”.

Lastly 2. Hey christians, you can’t pick and chose which parts of Jesus’ teachings you like.


If you find anything offensive start by looking at yourself. Typically if something offends you it most likely means it hit home…

Please don’t call me professor.

Have a great day 🙂




What’s Happening?

Oprah Winfrey gave a speech at the Golden Globes a couple of nights back. I saw a bunch of posts on Facebook regarding this speech so I turned to YouTube to search it out and watch it. I liked it, I thought it was well written, well delivered, and sent a positive message. For some reason this speech started the #oprah2020 movement which is a bit silly (in my opinion). Just because someone can give a good, well written, well delivered speech does not automatically qualify that individual to be the president of the United States, if it did well than we should have a pretty full slate of candidates to choose from in 2020; Neil Gaiman  being my first choice. I know what you’re thinking now, 1 who is Neil Gaiman, and 2 Neil Gaiman is from England. Well by the new standard that really doesn’t matter he delivered a speech that I love and watch quite often as a reminder to myself of the message it sends.


The other observation from Oprah’s speech is how much hate this has driven in her direction. I’m not an expert in Oprah’s career or her private life, I’ve never fully seen any of her films and I’ve only seen a handful of her interviews. This being revealed, what I do see and hear of her is mostly positive and uplifting. I may be wrong, as stated above I don’t know much about her.


So here’s my question; why attack her for a strong, positive, uplifting speech? Maybe she isn’t perfect, and maybe she has some skeletons I’m not aware of but, who doesn’t? Now this is where it get even stranger for me. As far as I can tell the majority of the attacks (by majority I mean all) are coming from supporters of our current president, who by the way lacks the same resume to be president as Oprah but that was ok. So why look past the mans own words about his actions, but demonize the women who speak out against such actions, and I have to say I’m shocked by the number of women taking this stance.


As for Hollywood, everyone seems to be talking in a negative light about the actors who stood in solidarity against an injustice targeted mainly at women and also at children, and (maybe to a lesser extent) men. The statement I see most is; it was ok and they didn’t complain while they were making their millions and getting roles, so why now are they all coming forward. Well, maybe to an extent that may  partially be true, but look at this type of abuse historically in our society. How many stories have come up where students were abused by teachers, children who were abused by family friends and relatives, and these abuses were not revealed until many years later, are they all lies? How about battered women (and men) who are repeatedly beaten and abused in relationships and continue to deny the abuse and protect their abusers only to admit this at a  later time, are they all liars?


How many rapes do you think go unreported for the reasons we are seeing here? It seems our society loves to place the blame on the victims, and the victim of any abuse should never feel shame, or fault for being abused at any level, yet the victims have to deal with this stigma.

I read many comments online bashing the way lots of the women were dressed at the Golden Globes. The common thread was “if you coming together to fight women being abused why are you dressed like that”. Well dressing in a beautiful sexy dress (whether skin is revealed or not) has nothing to do with it. Showing cleavage is not rape me permission slip.


We’ve come to such a point of division that no matter the subject it’s broken down on political lines even though lots of the issues are not political. I don’t know the answer to fix any of this but, seems to me right and wrong should be obvious. I’m not perfect, I have a lot of regret from my past, I’ve made poor decisions (some that have affected lives other than my own) but, I learned from them and try to be a good person. We all have skeletons in our closets so we should all drop the holier than thou attitudes so many portray, especially on social media sites. It’s unfortunate that social media has generated a society of people who will go full attack on any one they disagree with, whether they know that individual or not, would they have that same reaction face to face; probably not, But that’s another topic……

Look in the mirror…


#CoreyBooker2020  #NeilGaiman2020





But I Thank………..

I don’t necessarily believe in the concept of God as this supreme being that has created everything and has predetermined our existence, however I find myself thanking him (or her) every day. I do believe that most of the stories written in the Bible are true, however in the cases where God is speaking to some of the cast I feel there is another explanation. Don’t ask me what that explanation is as I don’t know the answers, all I have is more questions.



Hero is defined as 1. A person who is admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities. 2. A person who is greatly admired. 3. A person noted for feats of courage or nobility of purpose, especially one who has risked or sacrificed his or her life. 4. A person who, in the opinion of others, has heroic qualities or has performed a heroic act and is regarded as a model or ideal.

I think most Americans agree that members of the United States military are heroes, they go into a foreign land and risk their lives for the interest of the United States. That said, to our enemies they are no heroes, they’re villains destroying their homeland. I also believe that the majority of Americans consider law enforcement to be heroes, however there’s a large portion of people who consider the police to be bullies or worse. I think we can all agree that firefighters, EMTs, and paramedics are heroes. To kids growing up their favorite athlete can be a hero, to a young boy his father, and to a young girl her mom. The list goes on.

There really is no clear cut criteria, it’s all subjective, a hero to you may not be a hero to me and vise versa.

Courage – the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear; bravery.

There are lots of ways to look at this as well. It takes courage to go fight a war, go into a burning building while everyone else is running out, apprehend an armed criminal, get into a cage and fight another man, go to school on your first day when you don’t know anyone, fight cancer, tell you mom you did something you weren’t supposed to, admit to yourself your family and friends that you are gay, etc, etc..

Just because you may disagree with what others perceive as courage doesn’t diminish their perception of it. To compare someone who’s fighting cancer, to someone who lost a leg in war, to a transgender person is not fair. The phrase apples to oranges come to mind.

So did what Bruce Jenner did take courage? Yes

Is Caitlin Jenner a hero? To the others who are going through the same struggle, Yes.

I personally do not see Bruce/Caitlyn as a hero, but I do think he/she showed courage. Either way none of this affects my life so I move on.

Why are so many of you so angry over this? Keep scrolling, change the channel, whatever. Why must everything fit within your realm of what should be. We all need to accept the fact that we are all different, with our on views, needs, and beliefs.

And stop bring God into everything it’s irrelevant to the conversation, and from what I understand about Jesus he would be not only tolerant of all this, but helpful and supportive.


Just some more thoughts…

sabjits sample 8

There is a ton of great new music out there, you just need to go and find it. Don’t just listen to what the record companies and radio stations are trying to jam down your throats..

The fact that “Tips” are now called “Hacks” irritates me.

I don’t understand why it’s suddenly cool for the younger generations to like Tony Bennett. Yes he’s a great singer, I know.. But really….

If you keep mentioning K____ W____ every time he does something: he wins…

The Odd Couple was the best sitcom ever.

If you’re going to ignore me on social media, ignore everything, don’t suddenly appear when you disagree with me.

Slaughtered Grace. (I’m lucky to now be a part of it).

I have the best daughter in the world.

And the best, most beautiful girlfriend.


Just Some Thoughts

There’s a few hot headlines in the news, hmmmm, where do I start?

OK the king of Jordan. 2 days ago he was a violent Christian hating Muslim extremist. Now he leads a bombing mission of a terrorist group of which a couple of days ago you all had him a part of, and now he’s your hero. That doesn’t surprise me much because a good number of the Christians I know come out with some of the most extreme shit I’ve ever heard. Calling the terrorist animals then saying what we should do to them, well if we did some of the stuff I hear on a daily basis, we would then be the terrorist, there would be no difference between us and them. Yeah I understand there’s a time to fight, but there’s also a right way to do it.

I didn’t see the entire Obama speech so I can’t really comment on it. I did see the cut up edited version that everyone else is commenting on, but I would really need to see it unedited to know what he said and the context of it to have an opinion either way. I would suggest everyone do the same rather than just jump on it for the sake of hating the President. I’m really not a fan of Barack Obama, but I don’t see a lot of what being thrown around. I can honestly say I personally am much better off today then I was before he took office.

Bobbi Kristina Brown found face down in bathtub. Whether you care about her or not is irrelevant. This is a sad story. The girl is 21 years old, her life is just beginning and there’s a chance it may be ending. So if you don’t care about her there’s really no reason to go online and spew poison about her, her mother and her father. If you don’t care, ignore it and move on to the next story.

Plus size model featured in SI swimsuit issue. This shouldn’t be news, it should be part of the norm. She’s a beautiful woman just like the rest of the SI models, she’s a model just like the rest of the SI models, and she’s airbrushed just like the rest of the SI models. They all have beauty, and they all have flaws. Just like the rest of us.

The horse is dead, you can stop beating on it. I don’t really care that footballs were less inflated then they should’ve been.

No professional athlete “sucks”. Next time you want to tell me how much a pro sucks, start off by telling me about your pro career.

No professional musician sucks. There’s plenty I don’t like, but it doesn’t suck. Yeah there’s a lot of music thats sounds like something else, big deal. If you don’t like it, change the channel.

The movie Cake isn’t about cake. I was disappointed.

Anderson Silva tested positive for performance enhancing drugs. Moral of this story, don’t talk shit about others for getting caught just because you didn’t get caught yet. Now you just look like a giant jackass.

I guess I’ll call it now. I’ll spew some more drivel later.


The Theory of Video Game

So, when you’re sitting in front of your computer playing video games, do you ever wonder if the people in the video game know they’re in a video game, or do you think that they think they’re real, or do you think that’s just a crazy question.
How about you? Are you real, or are you just living inside a video game? How do we know that we’re not just some greater beings version of “Sim City”.
How do you know that the God you pray to daily is not just some teenage kid getting stoned sitting at his computer playing a game.
Ever have deja vu? That’s because Juniors computer crashed and he had to go back to a restore point a few days earlier, and you are in fact re living a recent period of time.

So there’s all these discussions out there, we were created by a superior being (God), science says a big bang and evolution, Lloyd Pye says where were brought here as slaves from an alien race from the 10th planet of Nibiru (of the 3 this makes the most sense), well here’s my new theory, The Theory of Video Game, we are nothing more than a simulated world created within the computer of a greater being, much like the worlds we create within our computers when we play games. That’s all we are, a simulated game.

I know, it sounds crazy, right? Any crazier than a supreme being who lives in a mystical place (Heaven) and created everything (earth, people, water, sky, sun, planets, etc) in 6 days then rested for a day, then just sat back to watch and see what would happen. But, our lives are supposed to be predetermined, so he (or she) should already have known how it was going to play out. But you see, he (or she) didn’t, and he (or she) didn’t like the way things were going, so he (or she) told Noah to build an ark and get a male and female of every animal and take them with him. Then he (or she) flooded the earth to kill everyone and start over again (hey thats similar to my restore point theory).
Then a few years later he (or she) decided that he (or she) wanted a son so he (or she) planted his (or her) seed in Mary, Josephs wife, who Joseph apparently never had sex with, but wasn’t upset or suspicious when she became pregnant, heck of an understanding guy that Joseph.
Anyway, many years later when Jesus was all grown up and banging hookers, he was charismatic enough and had the ability to get people to believe in him and follow him, but than one day he was convicted and sentenced to death by crucifixion and he died for my sins, died for my sins, died for my sins, a couple thousand years before I was born. Then a few days later, he came back to life and hasn’t been seen since. Wow, thats quite the story.

Then there’s science, and the theory of evolution, “theory” of evolution, “theory” you get my point. Ok so lets see, there was an explosion in the middle of nowhere, where there was nothing to explode, and a perfectly formed solar system with the ability to support life was formed from this explosion. But you see there was no life, but just like that explosion (out of nowhere) life was formed and grew and evolved into the beauty you see around you now. Well that makes perfect sense.

Now onto my man Lloyd Pye. I gotta say I love this guy, but he’s just as crazy as the rest, but he has some good theories here. The human race on earth was genetically engineered and brought here as slaves from an alien race from the planet of Nibiru thousands of years ago. He gets really deep into this and if I peaked your interest I suggest you go to youtube and look him up, whether you buy into it or not at the very least it is very entertaining. But my question is where are these slave masters who brought us here now, and how were they created. Were they originally slaves brought from another planet themselves, did they come from a big bang, or did “God” create them first, hmmm, I coming up with more questions then answers here.

So back to my theory of video game. We create simulated worlds inside our computers, we are a created simulated world within the computer of a greater being who is living within the computer generated world of the computer of a greater being who is living within the computer generated world of yet another greater being and on and on. Oh yeah and by the way the worlds inside our computers have computer generated worlds of their own. Wow, this is good stuff.

So where did these greater beings come from, how were they created, “God”, big bang, slaves to an alien race? Shit, looks like we’re right back where we started..

Hey maybe all the different “Gods” that people worship really do exist and are the only true life beings and they’re all hanging out together getting stoned playing a video game….

Think about that for a while.