Just some more thoughts…

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There is a ton of great new music out there, you just need to go and find it. Don’t just listen to what the record companies and radio stations are trying to jam down your throats..

The fact that “Tips” are now called “Hacks” irritates me.

I don’t understand why it’s suddenly cool for the younger generations to like Tony Bennett. Yes he’s a great singer, I know.. But really….

If you keep mentioning K____ W____ every time he does something: he wins…

The Odd Couple was the best sitcom ever.

If you’re going to ignore me on social media, ignore everything, don’t suddenly appear when you disagree with me.

Slaughtered Grace. (I’m lucky to now be a part of it).

I have the best daughter in the world.

And the best, most beautiful girlfriend.


Cheat Meal (Bologna)

“Cheat Meals”

Just the concept alone behind the term cheat meal irritates the shit out of me. Let me start off with this, diet is not a special thing you go on to lose, gain or maintain weight. Your diet is the food you eat: period. Everyone is on a diet, if you’re not, well that means you don’t eat. Second, if your diet makes you feel deprived you need a new nutritionist.

There is no reason the foods you like cannot be a part of your regular intake. You just need to be sensible about the way you eat them. If bacon is you thing, (as it seems to be for lots of people), well then eat bacon. For breakfast, try having 2 slices of bacon with egg whites on whole wheat toast, not a pound of bacon.

You need fat, protein, and carbohydrates in your diet. Not all fats, carbs, and proteins are created equal, but if you stick within you daily caloric requirements and keep you macro-nutrients in the proper proportion and eat a big variety of foods, well then you can eat the foods you like and still reach the goals you’ve set for yourself…

Of course if by cheat meal you mean you ingesting 3000 calories of pure crap, well then you are doing some serious damage to yourself even if it is only once a week and you need to rethink what it is that you want..


Guerrilla Cooking 1

Over the past few days I’ve been asked by some readers to post some of healthy recipes. Naturally I agreed to do so, but as most everyone should know by now I’m vegan, so any recipes I post will be vegan recipes. I’m going to start off with a vegan seitan and bean chili which is one of my favorites. I usually eat this dish with brown rice on the side; however, I eat most everything with brown rice on the side. The next thing you should know is I do not measure ingredients, cooking is a constant science experiment to me. That’s how I keep it fun, otherwise I wouldn’t cook.

So here is the recipe: 2 – 8 ounce packages of seitan diced, 1 red bell pepper diced, black beans I guess about a cup or so (I use dry beans soaked overnight), 1 Jalapeno pepper diced, about a half onion diced, a couple cloves of garlic, chili powder, cumin, turmeric, course sea salt, fresh ground black pepper.

I start off with about a 8 to 12 ounces of vegetable broth, throw all my ingredients into a slow cooker, give it a quick stir, cover it and come back in 8 hours. Now can it possibly get any easier than that?

As variation I sometimes use more than one type of bean. I always use dry beans, but you can use cans if you like. As far as the spices and the salt and pepper go; like I said above I do not measure so it’s a season to taste kind of thing. Just a tip, start with a little then taste and adjust, and needless to say you can substitute ingredients to your own personal taste.

There you go guerrilla cooking 101 with me.

Keep it simple and fun, keep your ingredients fresh, and enjoy.

Guerrilla cooking part 2 – coming soon.