Phish Adventure & the Days That Followed Part 2

Part 2

Before me and Jason split up at the Phish show I told him I need to bring Tara’s car in to his shop for a service. He told me Monday or Tuesday morning would be good, I said I would bring it on Monday at 9:00 am but that didn’t happen, I don’t remember why but I called him and said I would be coming in on Tuesday instead. 

I woke up on Tuesday 2 July 2019 prepared and ate my breakfast then headed to Lodi to Jason’s shop with Tara’s car. I got there right around 9:00 am and pulled the car right onto the lift (with Jasons guidance). Jason raised the car and did the oil change and tire rotation while I just walked around the shop and talked with him and John just like hundreds of times before. When the service was finished Jason lowered the car and pulled it out of the shop and parked it in the driveway and we went into the office, Jason printed up a bill for the service and we talked for a little bit about the typical shit we talked about every day specifically the concert from the weekend. A few minutes later a customer pulled in for a wheel alignment. Jason and I  walked outside to the car and before he got in the car to pull it into the shop I said Tara will be back later today and I’ll stop back in tomorrow to take care of the bill. He said whatever dude no rush, we shook hands, I said see you tomorrow. Jason got in the car and pulled onto the lift, I got into Tara’s car and split.

When I left the shop I drove home to drop off Tara’s car at my house and get my car and head to the gym to lift. While I was working out my phone rang (Eye of the Tiger ring tone), I glanced at it and it was Tony, I couldn’t answer but because Tony rarely calls me I called back right away. I figured he was in the area and wanted to stop over. Tony answered the phone and said Abe called him and said Jason had an accident at the shop and got hurt. I stated I just left the shop and everything was okay but Tony seemed really concerned so I decided to go right back to the shop. 

As I was driving back to the shop I figured maybe he hurt his hand trying to loosen a bolt or maybe something fell onto his foot or something stupid along those lines. As I crossed over Harrison Ave and the shop came into my sight horror set in as the entire corner was taped off with yellow police tape, there were a couple Lodi police cars and the Bergen County investigation truck all parked along the road. I quickly parked my car in front of the county truck and jumped out. One of the Lodi police officers was a friend so I called him over and asked what happened. He wouldn’t tell me much except that a car came off the lift and pinned Jason and it wasn’t good. He also told me that they took Jason to Hackensack University Medical Center. I jumped into my car and quickly started to drive to the hospital. As I was driving down Westervelt I decided to call Kevin (Jason’s brother). Kevin answered the phone with 2 words “he’s gone”. I had to pull over at this point. My phone call back to Tony was a difficult call to make. I didn’t want to say the words. 

I still can’t comprehend that about 30 minutes after I left the shop Jason left us. I’m so grateful for the friendship I had with Jason, and that I was with him for a while on that day. Jason was one of the best people there ever was. 

We had a great time at the Phish show and he owes me a Slipknot concert so Im sure he’ll be there with me. 

Like many others I spoke to Jason every day and stopped in the shop at least 1 time a week.  There’s a huge hole that can never be filled.IMG_8997-2

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber made the news this past week for drag racing and DUI. It seems that this was bigger news than anything else over the past week, front page of Yahoo, breaking news reports, etc. Over this period of time I’ve heard and read so many attacks on this kid. A couple of things to think about here, the media is placing this as top priority not Justin Bieber, and he’s a 19 year old kid who’s lived most of his life in the spotlight and has a poor guidance system for support.

Let’s look at the fact that every move he makes is reported. Well that’s not his fault, if the media didn’t follow him this incident and all the others wouldn’t be part of your daily conversations. Secondly if all the people who said they didn’t give a shit about this kid stopped talking and posting about him this incident would be no different than a kid from Lodi getting caught drag racing under the influence, it would go unnoticed. This brings me to my next point.

I can’t remember how many times I did the same thing when I was 19. I may be the only person willing to admit this in a public forum but when I was 19 years old I did a lot of stupid shit, and most of the time it was due to the influence of drugs and alcohol. I also witnessed a lot first hand and by some of the people I’ve seen and heard bash Justin Bieber.

I’ve never heard any of his music so I can’t comment on that but you all know how I feel about music and I will never say anyone sucks, if a song touches even 1 person it’s good regardless of popular opinion, especially when people with no musical talent are the ones doing the bashing. I’ve spent my entire life as a musician trying to get my music to the masses and never really got that break I needed. That being said I can’t beat on someone who has it handed to them, actually I’m a bit envious.

I really don’t understand why so many people show so much hate for this kid. He’s 19 years old and acting like a 19 year old. He’s never had a normal life, and no one seems to have his best interest at heart, and the only reason it’s news is because the media makes it so and the only reason they do is because you watch when they broadcast it.

In closing I’ll say this, it’s only news if you watch, and there’s no legitimate reason to hate this kid. The only reasons I can think of are jealousy and it’s easier to hate than to have a little compassion for a situation. I could get a lot deeper into this but I don’t see the point in doing so. If you want me to get into it more reach out and I’ll be happy to have a conversation with you about it.