Walk a Mile

I see a lot of people (white people) (mostly men) talking about white pride, saying things like “if I say white pride I get called racist”. Coincidently those same people will make similar comments concerning gay people, posting nonsense like “if I say straight pride I get labeled homophobic”. The way I see it when you didn’t have to spend your life hiding who you are, being made to feel like less of a person or inferior for your color or sexual orientation or weight or just because you’re different in any way, you have no way of knowing the feeling, and you have no idea of the amount of courage and strength it takes to declare that pride in who you are. You’re basically declaring this white or straight pride in a hateful way, because let’s face it: it’s always followed with a statement of why you choose to express this pride, usually that statement sounds something like; “oh yeah but I’m racist for saying that”, or “oh a gay person can wear a shirt that says gay pride so what’s wrong with me wearing a straight pride shirt”.

If you spent your entire life being discriminated against for just trying to live your life freely, maybe then you understand this expression of pride in finally being able to just be who you are. It’s pretty sad that alcoholics and drug addicts are more accepted in our society then people who are different. The same people who will drink themselves to sleep every night will assassinate the character of someone who is gay and the alcoholic will get more support from the general public. As a matter of fact, go on Facebook and drinking and drugging is actually bragged about and celebrated quite often, it’s so fucking backwards. When someone offers me a drink and I state that I don’t drink people sometimes look at me like im sick, it’s really wild.

Some of the worst discrimination I see is the way overweight people are looked at. Yes diet and exercise, but it’s not always quite so easy. I’ll leave that for next time..

We’re all different, and that’s a good thing, and we all need to accept each other…



Cardio is a much more complicated issue then most realize. There are many ways to approach cardio training. First question; why are you doing cardio? Do you want to lose fat? Do you just want every day life to be easier? Are you training for a sport? This needs to be established before you start your cardiovascular program.

I know that you must be thinking, what’s the difference, if I run my heart rate will go up my lungs are getting stronger, my cardiovascular health will be good. Well for the most part this is true, but not completely. As any boxer who tries Brazilian Jiu Jitsu will tell you, when they grapple they “gas” pretty quickly, and vice versa.

Now if you are just trying to lose some fat, drop a few pounds, or just be able to perform everyday tasks easier, or you’re the parent of a young child and you want to be able to keep up. Then by all means run, ride a bike, walk, take a spin class, dance, Zumba, etc, these are all good forms of cardiovascular exercise. If you are training for a sport, well then you need to do sport specific training.

If you’re a boxer and you want the ability to go 12 3 minute rounds well you better get in that ring and start sparring, and spar hard, don’t fake it. Of course the road work will help out, but, it’s not enough. If BJJ is you’re game do your road work then start rolling (sparring) and when you get tired keep going. If you rest when you get tired your progress will be slow at best. When you feel your tank is empty, give it more, you may just surprise yourself.

Push yourself beyond the limits that YOU set for yourself. Yes, you set the limits and only you can stop you from blowing right past them. You think you’re tired, go 5 more minutes, then 10 more, or better yet go 1minute longer as hard as you can. Then take a short rest, and I do mean short, and do it again.

As always if you have any questions or would like to get into more detail and start a program, contact me and I will be happy to get into it.
Train Hard

Hit the Gym

Unless you’re planning on being a bodybuilder stop lifting like one. Does your workout look a little like this? Back/hams/biceps – chest/triceps/forearms – quads/shoulders/traps? Are you doing 3 sets of 8, pyramids, tri sets, super sets, etc? Well if all this looks familiar, good luck at the Olympia.

Now I know most of you are not training to be bodybuilders so why are you lifting this way? I would rather see you join the cult; C—-fit. Now I don’t agree with their complete philosophy, and I think the Paleo diet is a bit ridiculous, however they do have some pretty good workouts. That being said, they also take things too far for the average person and that can be quite dangerous.

So if you’re working out (lifting) just to stay in good shape, cut fat, put on a little muscle, and just get a little stronger you should be hitting all your muscles in each workout; to some extent. Start each workout with a major movement and then follow with exercises to support. I typically divide the workout by 4 parts, military press, dead lift, flat bench press, and squat. You can do this however you feel comfortable just follow the format.

Here is an example: Day 1 – Military press, barbell row, close grip press, dips. Day 2 – Dead lift, straight leg dead lift, barbell curl, rack pull up. Day 3 – flat bench press, incline chest press, and pull ups, bent lateral raise. Day 4 – squat, shrugs, leg curls, and hang cleans.

The next issue I would like to address is how much weight, how many reps, and how many sets to perform. I see it all too often, people just through some plates on a bar do 8 or 10 reps, add some more weight and repeat with no rhyme or reason. Well I’ve developed a formula that works well and lets you see your progress, and most importantly you will feel your progress. The rep range I work in is 8 to 12, if I can’t hit 8 reps; the weight is too heavy, if I can do more than 12, well then it’s not heavy enough. Next is sets, I typically do 3 sets increasing the weight by 5 pounds per set. Here’s an example, set 1 – 100lbs set 2 – 105lbs set 3 – 110lbs. Now as long as I hit my rep range the next time I do this exercise I will start at my middle set weight: example 105, 110, 115.

Next, be sure to write down your workouts and record everything, by writing it down on paper you know exactly what you need to do in each workout. I don’t care how good your memory is there is no way you can remember every weight and every set and every rep. Also by writing everything you can see you progress on paper, as well as in the mirror and in the way you will feel.

Now each time through the 4 workouts is 1 cycle. I recommend that every fifth cycle is used as an active rest period. This will help prevent reaching a plateau and or burning out. To achieve this active rest you will be doing the same workout as in the cycle, the only difference will be in the weight used and reps, during this period you will use the weight from the middle set of your previous workout and performing 8 reps for 3 sets. After 1 cycle of active rest resume the above format.

Be sure to start each workout with a good full body warm up, and stretch when you finish lifting. I’ll address flexibility training, cardio training, and abs in future blogs.

If you don’t fully understand or would like more detail on this please message me and I will be happy to give you more info and explain in great detail.



Obesity in the United States is at an all time high and rising. You would think with all the awareness and information currently available this would reverse, but it continues to grow. The most alarming, is the level of childhood obesity.
I just finished reading a post and the related comments in a public forum. The post showed a photo of a billboard with overweight young girl and an extremely rude and hurtful caption (WARNING- It’s hard to be a little girl if you’re not. Stop Childhood Obesity). The first thing that came to my mind, what parent in their right mind would allow a photo of their young daughter be used in that ad (no amount of money is worth that).
So I started to read the comments below the post. The common seemed to be a lot of blame on parents. While it is true that your tastes and eating “habits” are formed in the early years of life and parents determine what their child is eating; there is one thing no one seems to be taking into account here. Right or wrong, in most cases, obese parents will raise obese children. In most cases the parents need to be helped not made to be villains. Sure it’s true there are people who fully know the consequences of poor diet and continue to eat at McDonalds daily and don’t really care, and continue to feed their children in the same irresponsible way they eat. Shame on them.
There is also a large group of people who know they shouldn’t be eating the way they are but can’t stop. They know if they continue to eat the way they are it will eventually kill them; and they know they’re passing this on to their children but can’t stop. That’s right I sad they can’t.
There is more than one reason for this. Let’s start with addiction, just like drugs, alcohol, and nicotine; people can be addicted to food. Another reason is emotion; a lot of overweight people eat based on emotion; a lot of times because of a past traumatic event.
The bottom line is this, in most cases (not all), most; people need to be helped, they need to be educated and they need to receive some type of counseling. Overweight/obese/morbidly obese people are not bad people and they don’t deserve to be treated like criminals, or pointed at and made fun of. The need help, period.
That’s all……………………………..